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Prepare Your Team for Successful Transformation.


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You’re confident that to continue to grow and remain relevant, your organization needs to change.

You need a transformation that your customers will love and will result in significant financial growth for the company.

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How do you assess your organization's ability to succeed?

How do you address gaps in your organization's readiness?

How do you activate employee engagement and buy-in?

How do you make sure the millions you invest will be a bet that pays off?

You take the time to be Ready for Change™




Known as one of the world’s foremost experts on digital transformation, Kimberly has led readiness activities for one of the largest mergers and organizational changes in U.S. history.

Her specialty is helping organizations achieve the seemingly impossible.

When Kimberly is involved, leaders and employees alike consider their involvement in the organization’s transformation as one of the most rewarding experiences of their careers.

This is because when transformation is done right, you engage your entire organization at a deeper level. With a clear vision, an audacious goal, and an extraordinary outcome on the line, you will see your company achieve the seemingly impossible.

Kimberly will help you make it happen.

Your success is built on getting your entire organization clear, ready, & aligned™

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Get Clear

Envision the Win

Leaders are often surprised to find that the transformation they thought was necessary should actually be achieved another way.

When you get this stage right, you will provide a clear vision for your organization that charts a path to achieving the greatest impact.

Get Ready

Examine Your Hand

There are five key areas that your leadership team needs to assess and address before you begin a transformation.

Mindset, Skillset, Budget, Commitment, & Patience. When you get these areas right, you will see increased momentum throughout the effort.

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Get Aligned

Envision Buy-In

The final stage is to build alignment throughout your entire organization. From leadership to front line, IT to marketing, everyone needs to know their role in making the change successful.

When you get this right, you will see peak levels of engagement and connection throughout your entire organization.


We know investing millions in a business transformation can feel like a really big bet.

You wonder...

What if we bet wrong and this doesn’t work?

The odds of winning that bet dramatically increase when you’re clear on the right strategy, ready with the right resources and capabilities, and aligned around making it happen.

Let's get your team Ready for ChangeTM

There are 3 ways Kimberly guides organizations through successful transformation:


In order to be successful in transformation, your entire organization needs to be inspired by the same vision, have a shared language, and believe this change will make their lives better.

Kimberly’s inspiring keynotes create this alignment across the entire audience.

  • You will see buy-in and a shared language around the transformation needed in your organization.
  • Audience members will be inspired by stories and insights from some of the most successful transformations in U.S. history.
  • You will be Ready for Change™ by understanding the stages of transformation and what is required to move through them successfully.


Kimberly partners with a set number of companies each year to help them make the seemingly impossible…possible.

  • Evaluating the specific needs of your business for improving your employee and customer experiences
  • Providing an experienced review of capabilities across key pillars to assess your change readiness
  • Recommending clear action steps for developing lasting business improvements, increasing your ease of doing business, and gaining operational efficiencies

Activator CircleTM

The right leaders in your organization to drive transformational change may not be the same leaders you rely on to run day-to-day operations.

True changemakers are “Activators” within your organization who have an uncanny ability to galvanize your change efforts.

Once identified, these “Activators” can join one of Kimberly’s Activator Circle™ coaching groups, where they will be coached through the transformation they are leading.

  • The skillset and mindset training they need to be successful to drive impactful change and gain and maintain buy-in from others.
  • New insights and innovative approaches from industries outside your own to keep focus and maintain momentum.
  • The strategic and emotional support your leaders need to go the distance and lead this transformational effort from start to finish.

This approach has been used by some of the world’s top brands alongside small to midsize companies:

Ready for ChangeTM Assessment Package

The checklist Kimberly uses to guide organizations through transformation is available for immediate download.

This step-by-step assessment scores your organization’s readiness for transformation and provides guidance for addressing any uncovered gaps.

Lead Magnet

Ready for Change Assessment Package
Coming Soon. The Best Laid Bets by Kimberly Eubank

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The Best Laid Bets

Using real-world examples and thoughtful research, Kimberly reveals how preparation can ignite a successful business transformation and how you can ensure your business is ready before the transformational work begins through the Ready for Change™ framework.


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