The ACtivator CircleTM

Equip your leaders to create unstoppable momentum with an expert business transformation coach.

Your Business Transformation

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Championing large-scale change is a formidable challenge. Your leaders require significant accountability and knowledge, but it’s not a title, or even expertise, that equips an employee to lead change.

True changemakers are “Activators” within your organization who have an uncanny ability to galvanize your change efforts.

When equipped with the right training, their leadership ensures your transformation efforts are infused with the vision, energy, and buy-in needed to create unstoppable momentum.

Don’t settle for a long, painful slog to so-so results. Give your activators the mindset and tools they need to exponentially improve your business transformation.

The Activator Circle

6-Month Group Coaching Program

The Activator Circle™ is a robust group coaching program that allows your key changemakers to learn from a business transformation coach who is an expert at large-scale transformation, as well as peers facing similar challenges.

Designed for in-the-trenches leaders of transformational business change, the Activator Circle™ marries both the strategic and tactical side of transformational leadership through open discussion and problem solving of real-world situations and challenges.

3-8 Participants

12 Bi-weekly
2-hour Group Sessions

6 Monthly
1-hour Private Sessions

This Program is Perfect for:

  • Leaders of smaller-scale initiatives who are graduating to initiatives with greater organizational impact
  • Change leaders facing unique challenges or struggling to see their expected results
  • Team leaders who know they need to change but don’t know how to facilitate the transition
  • High-potential talent who show an interest in and aptitude for transformational work

Leaders Who Graduate Leave with:

  • The tactical knowledge needed to organize and structure large-scale efforts
  • Improved confidence and an expanded ability to drive large-scale initiatives
  • A broad toolset of techniques for problem-solving any roadblock they encounter
  • Exposure to a variety of real-world use cases to foster “art of possible” thinking
  • A best-in-class network of transformation practitioners for lifetime support and encouragement

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