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The Best Laid Bets

How to Prepare Your Organization for a Business Transformation That Pays Off

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Business Transformation is a Risky Bet.

80% of companies plan to pursue transformation, but 70% report failing to meet their objectives.

Why are the odds stacked so high against a successful transformation?

It all comes down to preparation.

Kimberly Eubank has led some of the largest and most successful business transformations in the world. In The Best Laid Bets, she draws on her decades of experience to reveal how preparation can ignite a successful business transformation.

Using real-world examples and thoughtful research, she lays out the Ready for Change™ framework, a powerful tool for ensuring your business is ready before the transformational work begins.

Don’t just throw the dice and hope you win. Give your leaders and team members the mindset and tools to get Clear, Ready, and Aligned™ so your organization can bet big and win big.

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