Ready for ChangeTM

Prepare Your Team for Successful Transformation.


If you want to see continued growth, you can’t stay still. Eventually, you’ll need to change.

But transformation can feel very risky.

Even if you’re excited about changing, there’s always the fear that you’re about to place a bad bet.

The good news is that you can bet with confidence.

After over 20 years of leading successful digital transformations, Kimberly knows what it takes to bet big and win big.

And she knows how to help you get there — by getting your entire organization CLEAR, READY, and ALIGNED™ around the change that is needed, so you can make the seemingly impossible . . . possible.

Here’s how she’ll work with you.

Using the same Ready for Change™ framework she used to lead transformation across countless projects, Kimberly will guide you through a comprehensive assessment of your organization so you can address any potential roadblocks.

At the end, she’ll provide an integrated readout and recommendation for the executive sponsor to discuss findings and help determine the next steps for your organization.

Get Clear

Envision the Win

GETTING CLEAR on what and why the organization is undertaking a change effort is foundational to all aspects of transformation, no matter the size.

get clear-min

In this stage, we engage in executive discussion to establish a starting point and develop a future state vision. Additionally, we begin to outline the necessity and benefits of the change, including the repercussions for not changing, so our subsequent communication efforts to employees get them excited and engaged in the process instead of confused, speculative, or resistant.

Through this stage, we will:

  • Get a clear picture of your organization’s current landscape and the factors necessitating the transformation
  • Develop an inspiring vision for the future state/transformation
  • Discuss the perceived feasibility of the change and call out suspected vulnerabilities that could inhibit success

In this stage, we’ll conduct detailed employee interviews with key personnel throughout the organization to assess your readiness to transform. Through these interviews, we’ll learn about the business through their lens so we can pre-emptively address any issues. As a result, you’ll reduce conflict and confusion and maintain momentum through the entire project.

Through this stage, we will:

  • Get a better understanding of your employees’ mindset around the proposed change and identify any skill gaps which could prohibit successful change.
  • Assess the organizational commitment to change and evaluate the budgetary realities which could impact change efforts.
  • Identify recommendations for overcoming any inhibitors in your customer and employee experiences

Get Ready

Examine Your Hand

GETTING READY brings light to potential blind spots which could thwart your transformation efforts and helps identify options to overcome these obstacles.

get ready-min

Get Aligned

Enlist Buy-In

GETTING ALIGNED equips you to identify any structural, philosophical, or political disconnects and create consensus before the project starts.

get aligned-min

In this stage, we will work with key leaders to identify any disconnects in alignment which could cause issues. We will ensure key leaders are in agreement, not just at the 50K-foot view but at a more granular level. This minimizes the risk of teams communicating and working at cross-purposes which is inefficient and detrimental to achieving the larger goal.

Through this stage, we will:

  • Identify and address any conflicting motivations (goals, ownership, accountability, and structure)
  • Ensure top-down advocacy is in place
  • Create crystal-clear alignment so everyone is excited and engaged in the effort


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