Kimberly Eubank

Keynote Speaker, Advisor, Coach, and Leading Expert On Business Transformation

For over 20 years, Kimberly has been making the seemingly impossible…


Her unique ability to find simple solutions to complex challenges has put her at the forefront of some of the world’s most impressive business transformations.


The Beginning of the Future (Cingular)

Led the launch of the world’s first dual-band/tri-mode GAIT-compliant handsets.

Since the Nokia 6340i and Ericsson T62u worked on two different network technologies, 3 million Cingular subscribers were able to seamlessly migrate from the old (TDMA) network to the new technology (GSM) without ever losing service.

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Mergers Are Like Marriages

Led Day 1 Readiness for the merger of AT&T and Cingular.

Ensured a seamless experience for 100 million customers across all customer touchpoints less than 30 days after the merger closed, despite having minimal access to AT&T Wireless’s data and systems (among other hurdles).


The Simpler, the Better

Drove transformation of Cingular’s B2B infrastructure and processes.

Oversaw the strategy and execution of retooling the B2B Business Markets Group to reduce systems from 19 to 4 over two years. This transformation led to customer satisfaction increasing by 12 points. You can read more about this HERE.

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Anywhere, Anytime…

Led on-screen activation flow development for the world’s first 2G-enabled iPad™

Exclusive to AT&T in the US, this tablet blurred the lines between laptops and handsets. By enabling on-the-go activations, the iPad™-specific rate plans garnered 2M subscribers and over $500M in revenue over a two-year period.


Less Is More…

Oversaw development of a single Identity & Access Management framework for AT&T Mobility

Oversaw the consolidation of multiple Identity & Access Management functions to one infrastructure which lowered system maintenance costs and improved customer experience by reducing multiple AT&T-related IDs to just one.

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The Times They Are A-Changing…

The Times They Are

Led modernization of infrastructure and operations for a SaaS company.

The Service Excellence transformation moved the organization from a phone-based customer experience to a more self-service, omnichannel support model that enabled the company to retain a new generation of customers. You can read more about this HERE.


Seal of Approval…

Named One of Global Telecoms Business’ 50 Women to Watch

Kimberly was nominated by readers of Global Telecoms Business and selected by the staff for this prestigious award.

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A Sea of Change

Spearheaded effort to improve operations and digitize experiences for a manufacturing company.

Oversaw implementation of end-to-end automation across all customer touchpoints, setting a new customer experience standard that redefined how the industry interacted with agents, distributors, specifiers, and contractors.


Expanding the Vision

Launched Kimberly Eubank Speaking & Advisory

Launched her own company to help organizations better assess, prepare, and execute transformational change by empowering them and their employees to be Clear, Ready, and Aligned™.


How Can Kimberly Help You With Your Transformation?