The Ready for ChangeTM Keynote

Real-life Inspiration and Actionable Insights for Organizations Ready to Bet Big and Win Big.

Business transformation is a daunting proposition, no matter the size of your organization.


Because it's a big risk.

In companies across the world:

are planning a business transformation
will succeed in meeting their objectives
will fail to achieve their transformation

How do you avoid being part of the 70%?


Who Needs to Be Ready for ChangeTM?

  • Established organizations that need to improve their customer and employee experiences to catch up to (or surpass) the competition.
  • Merging organizations that need to synergize and optimize their joint operations.
  • Growing companies ready to move to the next revenue level that need to scale their operations to keep up with their success.
  • Fast-moving companies that have relied on crude but effective solutions for years but now need to rethink their operations and business experiences.
  • Expanding companies moving into new channels, segments, or geographies who need to broaden their business experiences to optimize those opportunities.
Ready for Change

How to Prepare Your Organization for a Business Transformation That Pays Off

Kimberly Consulting

Through dynamic, engaging real-life examples, Kimberly reveals how the right framework and preparation can ignite a successful business transformation.

The Ready to Change™ framework she shares will empower your audience to be Clear, Ready, and Aligned™ before the work begins, so your organization can bet big and win big.

The audience will leave with:

  • Inspiration and insights from real-world transformations, including one of the most successful in U.S. history
  • An understanding of the need for buy-in and a shared language around the transformation effort in order to harness full employee engagement
  • The ability to move through the Ready for Change™ Framework successfully and better prepare your organization for transformational success


with Kimberly